Friday, January 22, 2010

Forecast BUST- More Cold to Come Next Week

OK. Even though it was a few days out, my forecast was crap. We had the kind of weather that drives me nuts in the winter: A cold 33 degree rain. We saw a little sleet, but other than that nothing. A few report of up to 2" of snow/sleet up in the higher elevations, where they had icing as well. I still do not understand the local NWS Office posting and then holding us under a Winter Storm Warning for so long when it was clearly not going to verify. A simple look at the wet bulb temps yesterday afternoon and night told the story: not going to freeze.
Any-who, after a warmer soaking rain on Sunday and maybe again Thur/Friday (Sun might even have some Thunderstorms with it), the northern jet/polar air get back into the mix by next weekend and then we can start looking to see if the southern stream (moisture) hooks up with it. Right now the GFS has -20 isotherm at 850mb into VA next Saturday. Raw printout numbers for low temps with that are around 10. It's a ways off, but a telling sign of the recent thaw coming to an end. Pray for snow.

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