Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Totals & More Snow This Week????

Forecast- Cville 6". Lynchburg 8". Roanoke 12". Danville 14". Greensboro 12". Salisbury 8". Charlotte 4"

Totals- *From NWS* Cville 8". Lynchburg 9.3". Roanoke 9.1" . Danville 6.5" and .75" of sleet. Greensboro 8". Salisbury 7". Charlotte 2"

So. Cville- A Lynchburg- A Roanoke- B Danville- F Greensboro- C Salisbury- A Charlotte- A

Overall: 3.00 or B

Danville killed me w/.75" of sleet. Had that been snow, I'd have been right on the money.

Overall based on my snow map things shifted more north than I forecasted and some of the highest amounts didn't verify. If I find a decent statewide total from VA I'll post it, only NC now.

4.0 Grading Scale
A: 2" +/-
B: 3"
C: 4"
D: 5"
F: 6" <

This week: chance of snow on Tuesday, mainly PM for VA. Could see 1-3" especially towards the eastern half. NC looking marginal for rain/frzra/slop. Will update tomorrow.

BIG storm on the horizon this weekend- could be a classic nor'easter. Stay tuned.

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