Thursday, January 14, 2010

So I Missed the BIG ONE

A little late updating on the Dec 18th-19th storm here in Charlottesville. I drove through part of it, but by the time it was winding down I was somewhere between Chicago and China. Officially 21" fell here, but amounts were variable with 28" reported in Harrisonburg, 20 miles west. So I missed the biggest storm here in the past 15 years, which would piss me off if I hadn't been bound for an awesome Thailand vacation. So, just to recap, I've linked the header to the analysis of the storm which has been ranked a category 3, or major snowstorm by NOAA on the NESIS scale. That stands for Northeast Snowstorm Impact Scale...Anyways, check out the link, it also references other big storms over the past few decades.

As for now, the January thaw is in full effect here...stay tuned for more updates.

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