Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 Hurricane Season Predictions

13 days late on the opening of the official 2010 North Atlantic Hurricane Season, but, better late than never. Predictions from NOAA, Accuweather, and Bill Gray's team at CSU all predict above normal tropical activity this year. Check out this site for a quick rundown of their respective forecasts and interesting sidenotes:

Currently there is an area of low pressure 1400 miles East of the Windward Islands (AKA waaaaay out in the Atlantic) with a decent chance of developing into a tropical storm as it heads West. (That's the picture above.) Will keep an eye on that and update if it develops. Otherwise, things are quiet for now, but that's how it GOES. If you get that, hello fellow weather nerd. Lastly, here are the potential names for 2010:

2010 Hurricane Names

1. Hurricane Alex
2. Hurricane Bonnie
3. Hurricane Colin
4. Hurricane Danielle
5. Hurricane Earl
6. Hurricane Fiona
7. Hurricane Gaston
8. Hurricane Hermine
9. Hurricane Igor
10. Hurricane Julia
11. Hurricane Karl
12. Hurricane Lisa
13. Hurricane Matthew
14. Hurricane Nicole
15. Hurricane Otto
16. Hurricane Paula
17. Hurricane Richard
18. Hurricane Shary
19. Hurricane Tomas
20. Hurricane Virginie
21. Hurricane Walter

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