Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Looking Ahead (With Lots of Technical Terms)

Wednesday 1/19/11

We (and most of the US) are in an active weather pattern and all signs point to this continuing for the next 7-14 days at least. So what does this mean? We're in an active weather pattern - already went over that...

One might ask - what is an active weather pattern? It means there is a whole lotta weather going on. Everywhere. But this is true everyday...

So in summation - active weather pattern - which means the chances for snow are better than average - but that's only because the chance of precipitation is higher than average...

Tomorrow Night = maybe (10% chance) a few wet flakes - doubt we see much precipitation of/in any form at all.

Storm To Watch = Monday/Tuesday - not looking good at this point snowfall wise...stay tuned

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