Friday, January 21, 2011

Storm Clouds on the Horizon?

Quick thoughts (odd 3rd person interview really) concerning the potential winter storm next week

Low Pressure - Check

Origin - The Gulf of Mexico

Affecting Our Area - Check

Precipitation From Said Low Pressure System - Check

Location of Low Pressure - Near the NC Coastline 

Miller-A or Miller-B Type Low? - Miller A (Coastal Low Only)

Amount of Precipitation - guess is ~.75" but that's a shot in the dark right now

Form of Precipitation - Harder question, but leaning towards snow

Cold Air - High Pressure to our North over New England

Timing - Seriously? Well, right now I'd say it will begin at exactly 2:29 pm on Tuesday and end sometime on Wednesday.

Amount of Snow on the Ground in Salisbury When Storm Passes - Funny. I honestly have no idea right now. Somewhere between none and 12"

Odds of Being Correct - somewhere around 50%

Next Post - Most Likely Saturday or Sunday. 

Weather for Next Week in General - Dry Monday. Storm Tuesday into Wednesday. Below Normal Temperatures and Dry Otherwise.

Favorite Blogging Style - This. Definitely. But, I'll try not to do it again.

Stay Tuned....

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