Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Models Go Dry But I'm Going High - Snow Forecast

Misleading title amount-wise, but if you look at weather models (doesn't everybody?) you would not expect to see a flake fall tonight...I'm betting they're wrong. So is our CYA NWS forecast office, who issued a winter wx advisory for Rowan tonight, while **Davidson County (different office) is not under one. Only the government...

My forecast for Rowan and surrounding counties tonight/early AM:

Quick shot of snow occurring around/after 10pm and only lasting a few hours. Temps should quickly drop, especially when snow starts, so the obvious question is how much precipitation actually falls...which doesn't look to be much in the scheme of things.

Expect 1/2" area wide with amounts increasing the further south you are from Salisbury. Depending on any heavier showers/bands, would not be surprised if some areas picked up a quick 2", again, best chance of that occurring would be south and east of the Salisbury megalopolis. 

Chilly tomorrow but temps will get above freezing, road issues should be minor, and then a cold night again before we see the aforeblogged (copyright on that word) warm-up.

Penn. Out.

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