Monday, February 14, 2011

Winter - Is it Over?

Unfortunately it looks like it fellow winter fans. *This does not mean it may never drop below freezing or never snow again this winter* But, the odds are stacked against a cold pattern developing again as the northern jet stream (and attendant trough) has pulled north and will then back into the western U.S. in the next week. So what we will experience for the next 2 weeks at least is called "zonal flow", a fancy term that means our sensible weather will predominately come from the West or SW, not source regions for cold air masses by a long shot.

Moral of the story:

1. It is going to be warm for the foreseeable future - unfortunately my magic 8 ball says try again later when I ask how long that means - so we'll call it the next 14 days...

2. I'm going to be blogging less because the weather is not interesting sans cold or storms.

3. In other exciting news (perhaps you noticed) I am now broadcasting current conditions from my super secret weather nerd hideout located somewhere (maybe) in the Fulton Heights neighborhood of Salisbury. Basically I stepped up my weather game...

Until I See Cold. Penn. Out.

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