Thursday, January 24, 2013

Friday Snow = Weak, Slick Sauce

With a resurgence of cold and dry high pressure (especially relative to normal) building into the region today - current wind says it all - tomorrow's winter wx event is looking less and less likely to be much of an "event".

What to expect: Snow Showers beginning around noon, with total accumulation by sunset around 1", with sleet and freezing rain mixing in towards evening. Total QPF (precip) is going to be slim, maybe .15" on the optimistic side.

This means if most falls as snow 1" is definitely possible (10:1 ratio) but if sleet or freezing rain predominates that will negate snowfall, and more importantly create a nuisance as far as travel/roads are concerned.

To recap: expect approx 1" of snow to fall with sleet/freezing rain at the end to put an icy glaze on top. However, with temperatures staying at or below freezing, although a minor event, expect it to impact the end of your workday and make for a slick commute home.


  1. What's the likelihood that the mix freezes on the ground/roads Friday night into Saturday morning?

  2. Very good - I expect slick roads to be the main impact with black ice/slush from Friday afternoon through Saturday AM

  3. Any chance you will begin posting as the weather events unfold?