Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sounds Of Silence

Not much to add to my initial thoughts yesterday. Still expect an average 4" of snow by tomorrow morning here in the Salisbury - Rowan Megalopolis.

Also noticed the National Weather Service guys read my blog - Winter Storm Warning in effect starting late afternoon/tonight. Wannabes.

Main impact/question will be amount of accumulation on roads - school / work / etc. It will be no bueno on the roads for school buses but the rest of you (us) will probably have to wait and see. However, the Rowan County Courthouse will always be open so no worries there...

On a positive note, the Blanton Law Firm is always open to help you if we can. If, for example you:

T-Bone someone's car while doing a mean 5mph (because you can't drive when the roads are dry) - Call from your cell because you were probably on it anyways.

Commit a criminal act because you are at home with your spouse and/or children for 4 days straight. Call from jail.

You act and/or are a juvenile and throw snowballs at someone and they commence to seeing just how big a boy you are... Call from the hospital.

Obviously I hope none of this occurs, but I'll throw that in there because I might be a little late to work because I'm still looking at weather so got to run.

Again, the BLF's # is 704-637-1100. *Only for legal matters not for personal forecasts.

Hope you all enjoy. Will try and update if need be this afternoon.

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