Friday, February 15, 2013


Looks like snow showers are possible tomorrow night, early AM Saturday, and then again late Sat. Weird system - could surprise or demise depending on the forecast(er). Low pressure is prognosticated to form over the NC Piedmont and head for the Delmarva P where it will strengthen significantly and head towards Maine. Unless the low develops further West/SW, or strengthens further south (NC Coast), chance of snow here in Salisbury is equal or less than a dusting. Here is current precip forecast through Sunday from the GFS

However, all the major weather models are trending towards more precip around the area - if trend continues and verifies, the chance of snow, and amount will rise. Still talking tenths of an inch - so no blizzard coming even if the outliers verified. Here is the NAM, same time (more precip/closer).

Also, an interesting site for winter weather lovers is CIPS. They mathematically compares (called analogs) forecasts from the NAM model to past events - similar weather pattern/atmospherics are ranked and you can see the events from different angles/results/nerdy stuff. Click on it and you will understand more...

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