Friday, February 8, 2013

Yowza Bowza - A Nor'easter For the Records....

Satellite Showing Both Storms Headed To the NE Morning Feb 8th (Courtesy of NOAA )
I don't often post on weather events of little concern / no impact around here, primarily because it is depressing and disheartening to a snow lover to talk about snow elsewhere...BUT the Nor'easter taking shape (literally) and headed for the record books today into tomorrow night is worth it. Put another way, if we ever saw the ginormous amounts of snow that will fall in New England, the South would be paralyzed for weeks/months etc. This begs the question (I think) of how much snow will fall in the Northeast through Sunday. Massachusetts. 2/3 of Maine, RI , CT, NY, VT, NH, NYC, Eastern PA - measuring in feet and likely yardsticks. Most areas will see 18-24" with 3 and possibly 4 feet across Eastern NY, NH, MA, and Maine.
Current Warning - Blizzard and Winter Storm Warnings cover the NE

Here is why we (big we) should see a Nor'easter of possible record breaking proportions. Satellite above, and radar below explain best - show two systems moving towards the same spot. Low pressure now off of VA/Delmarva (brought us rain) will deepen / strengthen rapidly as the northern stream low across the Great Lakes "catches up" / transfers more energy towards the coast, causing cyclogenesis. "Bombing Out" is the colloquial term.

This will happen off the coast of NY/NJ later today/tonight. Once intensified, some areas will see snow fall at rates of 3-4" PER HOUR. At the bottom are a few weather models showing this "bombing" and hurricane strength low pressure system (but not).
Storm Track(s). Green Low Pressure Area Will be the Nor'easter After Northern Energy Catches Up.
Northern Low / Wave Moving East
Southern Energy / Low Pressure
Model Forecast Showing Deepening System off the NE Coast

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