Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's Go For Snow

Here in Farmington we had an epic snow this AM: .9" Yep, enough to shut 'er down by Southern standards. Perhaps the (always) tuned in snow-haters and even a lost Yank perusing this - shall we say, little pearl of  meteorological erudition - might scoff at such a mighty snowfall they should not and cannot argue the proverbial "timing is everything" factor. 

So, as I was greeting the colossal snowfallen morning with my wife this AM I somehow found myself semi watching the local news - quite the rarity for this guy - I suddenly felt a twinge of "oh no I busted the forecast" as the continuous blare of reporters and TV mets suddenly had me full of a fear only a wx nerd knows. Was it possible that just next door (Forsyth etc) there had been a raging blizzard occurring in the wee hours? What had I missed? Why the snow rip-off in Davie? 

Fortunately for me, this painfully slow and seriously muddled thought process ended when I opened my eyes to stare into the box full of on the scene Jim Canboreme-esque hype reporters and saw that the snow was just like mine. So, I took a nap.

To be fair, W-S did have 1.5" according to one brave reporter risking it all to bring it to us live... 

Moral, none. Point, short. Time you spent getting there: depends on reading speed and how well you know me. To wit (stretching it): if the roads/ground temps are close or below freezing - all snow that falls sticks to said roads. 

In this snowy part of world - that is exactly what happened. Quickly. Now to the rest of the news...

Winter Storm Warning for 2-5" for bulk of the NC Piedmont starting tomorrow late afternoon (GSP/Warning & RAH/Watch). I'll hope to write again quickly with specific thoughts/amounts but generally onboard with the thinking / scenario. 

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