Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thief in the Night is Gone Baby Gone

It went thump overnight but not as much as needed to see 6" area wide.  Reports aren't in yet this AM (officially) but 4-5" is more common around most of the central/NW Piedmont. Measured 4.75 at our farm but it is also snowing again moderately. 

This too shall pass. My headline sticks, what you see is what you get with perhaps a dusting on top of that.
The storm is still cranking up in Virginia and East from the Triangle to the coast, but moving rapidly east northeast and will be off the coast by midmorning.

Seems like most places struggled to reach six-inch mark not due to lack of precipitation but because of marginally cold air - standard liquid to snow ratio is .10 of precip makes 1"  of snow. Around   CLT metro saw reports of rain and sleet mixing in so they were probably averaging more of about 6 to 1 ratio which makes a big difference.

 You can see from my photos and probably from your window that the snow was heavy and there aren't tens of  thousands without power across the state and 2000 in Rowan last I saw. 

I'm off to be a nerd and measure snowfall at some other places around here so I have no more time for you right now.  I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment on Facebook or my blog telling me how much snow and where measured. Don't worry mom, you don't need to, I'll text you.

Be safe. Enjoy the snow. The courthouses in Rowan and Davie County are closed so be careful out. There could be lawyers lurking anywhere...

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