Saturday, March 11, 2017



Overall ideas still on track with quick hitting snow expected overnight into early tomorrow morning. However, expecting less overall precipitation amounts and thus, less snow.

Snowfall of 2" across the Piedmont still expected with amounts closer to 3" possible around Charlotte area and upper SC. So, not a major winter weather event in the scheme of things, but enough to cause early morning travel problems.

Winter will be in full effect again this week as a major Nor'easter comes together Tuesday...primarily resulting in a cold rain followed by colder temps. Very strong winds on Wednesday expected with gusts as high as 40-50 mph range across the Piedmont.

There is still a chance areas around / North of I-40 could see some sleet/snow mix in as the precip associated with the storm passes through Monday night into Tuesday morning.

More details to follow if needed.

Winter Returns. Snow Will Fall 

Quick thoughts with more to follow tomorrow. Starting with a strong cold front passing overnight into Friday, we will see a rapid change back to winter like temps and a quick hitting snowstorm overnight Saturday into Sunday morning. First guess on accumulations is in the 3-4" range across the NC Piedmont. Hard to believe after the early spring-like conditions over the past several weeks. As with any storm in NC there are a lot of different factors that will be at play and ultimately determine  snowfall accumulations. (Again, 3-4" a safe bet across the area.) The energy that will become the "storm" is just approaching the West Coast so there are many details that will become clearer over the next 24 hours or so. The threat of winter weather continues into next week as well. 

Stay tuned....

Thursday, January 5, 2017



Expect snow totals of 6-8" for all of the Piedmont of N.C. 

Would not surprise me to see areas East of I-85 closer to 8-10" in many spots...

*Heaviest snow will be approx 25 miles north of (an imaginary) a line from Charlotte to Raleigh* 

Major cold to follow into Monday. Temps below freezing until Tuesday. Lows around 0° Sun/Mon.

Timing: No change. Snow showers as early as this evening but the bulk of the storm will be late PM / overnight. Most precipitation should be exiting the Piedmont by noon on Saturday.  

Enjoy the Snow and be safe this weekend.


No major change to current forecast amounts or timing. 

Still expecting a general swath of 4-6" of snow in the Western/Central Piedmont of NC, with some higher amounts likely....generally South of I-40 and East of I-85. Snow will start to fall tomorrow evening with most accumulation occurring overnight Friday into Saturday AM. 

Latest model runs have shifted axis of heaviest snow closer to the Piedmont as expected - however any accumulations exceeding 10-12" will be to the East over the Triangle and Northern Sandhills of NC into SE VA.

National Weather Service Offices in Raleigh and Greenville-Spartanburg have issued Winter Storm Watches that are in effect beginning tomorrow evening through midday Saturday. Expect watches to be upgraded to Winter Storm Storm Warnings as we move into the day tomorrow. 

Again, it should be noted that temperatures will be brutally cold over the next few days (especially Sunday/Mon) with highs at or below 32° Sat-Mon and lows around 0° Monday AM. Expect travel to be impacted and most secondary roads to be slick/snow covered until late Monday.

Stay tuned. 


Quick thoughts on snow potential this weekend, longer post to follow tomorrow most likely.

What: Generally about 4-6" of snow in the Piedmont of NC, with higher amounts eastwards toward the triangle area possible.

When: Snow should start in the late Friday evening time-frame and continue into the morning hours of Saturday.

Where: Almost all of NC and Upstate SC into southern New England

Why: The main two global models used by most forecasters and the NWS - the Euro and GFS - show very different solutions for the Fri-Sat time frame. A lot of uncertainty regarding precip/snow amounts, however I think for those in the Piedmont of NC 4-6" is a good bet, with the error probably being on the low side. I expect models (and later most forecasters in the area) will make a steady shift westward with the axis of heaviest snow as we get closer to Friday.

Temps: One thing is certain - there will be plenty of cold air arriving before the storm and lasting through Tuesday. If we get 4-6" of snow on the ground we could potentially see lows around 0°F Sun PM/Mon AM with highs struggling to get in the upper 20's. Once snow starts late Friday, most areas might not hit freezing the freezing mark again until Tuesday.

Stay tuned...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Flurries No Worries

Fear not, any flurries you see do not mean the storm has "started". No accumulation expected until after Midnight for majority of Piedmont.

 Worst case a heavier snow shower - while unlikely - could lead to a dusting at most. 

Still plenty of time to go buy bread and milk, even though you don't need it...

HRRR  simulated radar for the next 15 hours courtesy of Weatherbell Analytics

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Presidents Day Storm 2016 Update

Main change to forecast thinking is onset time of precipitation should be about 12 hours sooner. Generally speaking snow should start falling approx midnight - 2AM.

Models still struggling with some of the finer details so expect mixed messages from the NWS and local TV Mets. 

Reason being the low pressure track(s) which dictates timing of the warming is basically all over the place depending on which model one puts their faith in - as you can see in NWS map below which depicts potential low pressure locations and the big "L" is the official NWS guidance. Could be in Indiana or Alabama initially before going to the coast....but it doesn't really matter.
Storms in NC chasing departing cold air rarely come out on the winter weather side. Rain will be the bulk of the precipitation for most areas except far NW Piedmont.

So my model of choice is Penn Blanton's experience and I'll keep forecast as is for now and update tomorrow if there is need to.

Only other note at the moment is that total accumulation could go up in Davie and points N and West a bit and ice (freezing rain) is still the main concern in the NW Piedmont.   

Just not seeing Rowan and points south having to deal with much more than I posted yesterday. All to be wiped away by rain in the end regardless. School is still out folks and work for most looks less likely given earlier start time of snow.

Winter Storm Watches are posted for all counties and you can find text  here: NWS Home

Presidents' Day Storm 2016

I'll jump right to the point folks - we are looking at a "winter warm-up" storm to start the week with snowfall area wide beginning Monday AM, transitioning to sleet, then freezing rain, and ultimately all rain (temps above 32F) for everyone in the N.C. Piedmont.

Yes, your typical "slop" of a storm, however, by Monday evening most locales shouldn't even have any travel problems or snow on the ground. Using (in my mind...) a Cabarrus-Rowan-Davie South to North axis as far as accumulations.


Snowfall should begin approx 6-9 AM Monday all areas. Exact time TBD.

Snow/Sleet, accumulating 1-3" South to North mixing with and changing to sleet around 10AM in southern areas as warm air moves north.

12-2PM most areas should transition to freezing rain. Expect a glaze around Concord increasing to approx .20 inches in N. Davie County 

4PM Rain, temps above freezing, except Davie County which might be a few hours later, hence higher amounts of ice.

Rain continues through Tuesday AM as temps warm overnight. Your high temperature on Monday will occur at 11:59 PM...

No school Monday. Work, eh, depends on what you do and exact time snow starts.

Fact = all snow that falls will stick as surface temps will be cold from the 48 hours of sub-freezing weather Friday night - Monday.

Nerd alert...
Storm Setup - Left Over Cold Air
As warm air moves in aloft the precip types will change as described above. We lack a parent high pressure system to the North for a classic cold air damming scenario, instead an "in-situ" damming event will occur. An in-situ wedge simply means the very dry (cold) air left from this weekend is our "source". It will take time to saturate and warm the air near the ground from about 10K feet down because at the start of storm the surface dew-point will be 10-15° F (AKA cold/dry) across the Piedmont.
Monday PM
Images above found here:

I'll put a map out sometime this weekend with an update if needed. Ciao.